Plato's Symposium

Friday, September 08, 2006

Here are the pieces of dialogue I want you to use when auditioning. Notice I haven't typed it all out. Rather, i've given you the page number and then the first and last lines of the block of text. If there are other people speaking in the selection (and there are in most because I want to see how you react to other characters speaking to you), I will read the other lines during the audition.

KEEP IN MIND, it's sort of hard to figure out what characters are what in the beginning, because this is a story about a story about a story [Apollodorus is telling his companion about the story he told Glaucon, based on a story he heard from Aristodemus--and then there's the story of Diotima in the story about the story about the story]

There are, of course, several non-speaking roles, such as the slave, the flute girl, the floozies who come in with Alciabiadies, etc...but i want everyone to audition for one of the speaking roles, and then i'll determine where you go.

(pp. 3-4) How could you think that, Glaucon?...[until]...and he confirmed Aristodemus' account.

Glaucon, the person with whom Apollodorus was speaking in his story
(3-4) Apollodorus, I've just been looking for you to get the full story of the party at Agathon's....was it Socrates himself?

The companion
(4-5) You're always the same, Apollodorus....tell me how the speeches went.

(5) ***It is only suggested in the text that Aristodemus asks Socrates where he's going. I want to treat this as a line, so people trying out for this part will begin with "Socrates! Have you actually taken a bath?! Where are you going looking so smart?"...[then continue with the text until]'ve invited me"

(6) "Aristodemus! You've come at just the right time to have dinner with us!"..."and look after us in a way that will win our compliments."

(8-9) "I want to begin by quoting the Melanippe of Euripides"..."and is also the originator of the topic."

(9-10)"The god is held in honour because he is one of the most ancient"..."Without these no individual or city can achieve anything great or fine."

(12) "I don't think our project has been specified properly, Phaedrus" ... "but we must try and distinguish between the functions of these two gods"

(26-7) "I don't want Erixymachus to think that"...."healing us and so giving us perfect happiness."

(34) "My dear Agathon, I thought you made a good start"..."does he have in his possession what he desires and loves or not?"

(37-8) "What blasphemy!" ... "but something in between these two"

(50-51) "Good evening gentlemen!" ... "Can I join you for a drink, or not?"


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