Plato's Symposium

Monday, September 18, 2006


So here's the cast. I tried to put people where they fit, and respected the decisions of those who were worried about their ability to act in front of an audience.

Socrates: Jason Zimmerman
Diotima: Tydeea Threadgill
Phaedrus: Erin Castellano
Aristophanes: Julie Henley
Pausanius: Samantha Milton
Erixymachus: Jennifer Grayson
Alcibiades: Shawn Sheffield
Aristodemus: David Makler
Agathon: Jack Eaton
Apollodorus: Sophia Yeung
Glaucon: Susan Bodack
Companion: Sara McConnell
Servant (one line): Andy Hoff
Flute girl: Aliyah Furman
Servants: Ali Gagne, Leanne Aurich, Liz Bannister
Friends of Alcibiades: Naomi Orlando, Vicki Roffe, Dante Mancini, Brittany Niehenke


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